Business Factors

A Financial Tool That Helps Keep American Trucks Running and Serving the Nation Well

Trucking is the backbone of the American economy, with millions of dedicated drivers moving goods and materials all around the country. This important form of transportation is provided by many thousands of carriers that range in size from single owner-operators to large companies with hundreds of trucks in their fleets.

Trucking businesses of all kinds, however, regularly face the same sorts of challenges. Even if trucking is an especially economical and cost effective form of shipping, this is not to say that operating a large truck is inexpensive. Simply fueling up for the next leg of a journey will typically cost hundreds of dollars, and cash is not always easy to come by.

Overcoming Cash Flow Troubles with Help from Specialized Providers of Support

Such routine expenses are often only the beginning, as well. When a truck needs maintenance or repairs, thousands of dollars will often be required to keep it running safely and smoothly. From small companies to significantly larger ones, coming up with the money needed to meet such obligations can be difficult.

This is frequently true even of trucking businesses with plenty of clients and demand for their services. In many cases, dozens of deliveries will have been made with payment still outstanding and no single customer needing to make good on its promises anytime soon.

As a result, even trucking companies that are owned significant amounts of money can have trouble finding the cash needed for fuel, tires, repairs, or maintenance. In a wide range of common cases, working with a partner like Business Factors will make things much easier.

Turning Freight Bills Into Much Needed Cash

The service known as freight bill factoring quite regularly makes for a perfect fit with the needs of trucking companies. Instead of being forced to wait weeks or more to collect on a freight bill or the associated invoice, a trucking business can turn such debts owed to it into cash in the here and now.

That can be all that it takes to quickly come up with the money needed to refuel a truck or pay for an unexpected repair. It can also allow for the acquisition of new equipment or manpower right when it is needed the most.